Teem Ops Mission


  • Abstract “pain” from Cloud deployments.
  • Single point for Cloud Applications on AWS
  • Seamless integration
  • Make the AWS deployment as simple as possible


On one hand, there is a significant amount of support for open source-based solutions among the developer community. In spite of this, AWS decided to go the way of a proprietary solution, which needs developers to acquire deep knowledge with a new set of skills. So how did this work?

This worked because AWS created value for a set of prominent influencers and advocates with their AWS certification program. Certifications in the IT world generally mean higher salaries, so this provided a high level of motivation to IT professionals to go after the certification and also talk about it to their employers.

Once the employers are convinced, not only do they get educated and up to speed, it also means company-sponsored certifications and education. This leads to a situation where IT employees become spokespersons for AWS.

Source: TeckGenix

Make AWS Simple
  • Remove Manual Deployments – Increased ROI

  • Remove AWS Complexity in Setup

  • Ensure Secure Environment

  • Consistent Supported Environment

AWS Today
  • AWS Configuration is Complex
  • Security is often misconfigured
  • Lack of environment consistency
  • Manage multiple environments (Dev, Test and Prod)
  • Visibility into running environments
  • Simplified User Interface (UI) – For Self Service

This is an image of our simple user interface (UI) to AWS Services.

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