Why we exist?

Common complaints about the complexity of the AWS Platform

Here is a link to a developer deploying a web site on AWS and the difficulty he faced, setting up a simple website…


“Why is AWS so popular despite being impossibly complex?


Is AWS too complex for small dev teams & startups?




Working with you to help you on your cloud journey in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Under the umbrella of Amazon.com, the leading ecommerce retailer globally, AWS was launched in 2006 so startups could take advantage of the same level of computing resources only previously available to large global Enterprises.

Since that time, as Enterprises woke up to the fact they were hamstrung by traditional technology they started to use AWS as the only viable alternative to their expensive on-premise solutions.

Here at Teem we believe customers need to take advantage of Public Cloud now and can only do that by having the necessary training, technology and road map to get them there. We provide solutions that reduce complexity and reliance on skills development as you transition your business to a cloud first model.



Disruption occurs when people have had enough of the “old way” of doing things and find new, innovative solutions to every day problems. And it’s not about replacing technology for technology’s sake, it’s about improving people’s lives for the better.

Here at Teem we have a culture of disruption and to achieve that goal are constantly challenging the status quo. We have a strong statement that public cloud providers such as AWS are the technology that underpins and enables disruption and traditional vendors will hold a business back from becoming successful.

To truly disrupt your industry remove the shackles of traditional vendors and running your own data centre environment and start by using AWS.


Remove Frustration

Procuring and installing IT resources such as servers, networks and software used to be a long, expensive complex process. One of the challenges that still exists is that several companies still take the approach of treating Public Cloud like a traditional IT service. What we mean by this is that cloud is just seen as an extension of traditional IT data centres. This can create a barrier to companies adopting and taking full advantage of the cloud.

At Teem, we believe strongly that the key difference from traditional IT is that with AWS you provision, deploy and manage IT resources through APIs, SDKs and software. We have a number of solutions that help you to use AWS as it was designed to be used and most importantly reduce the headaches and frustration experienced with manually procuring and launching servers and networks.