Why Choose AWS with Teem?

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From Traditional IT to the Cloud

Traditional IT

Procuring and installing IT resources such as servers, networks and software used to be a long, expensive complex process.


Cloud Challenges

One of the challenges that still exists is that several companies still take the approach of treating Public Cloud like a traditional IT service.

What we mean by this is that cloud is just seen as an extension of traditional IT data centres. This can create a barrier to companies adopting and taking full advantage of the cloud.


AWS with Teem

At Teem, we believe strongly that the key difference from traditional IT is that with AWS you provision, deploy and manage IT resources through APIs, SDKs and software.

We believe that customers need to take advantage of Public Cloud now and can only do that by having the necessary training, technology and road map to get them there. 

We have a number of solutions that help you to use AWS as it was designed to be used and most importantly reduce the headaches and frustration experienced with manually procuring and launching servers and networks.

We will help your business that reduce complexity and reliance on skills development as you transition your business to a cloud first model.


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