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Ben Fellows

Ben Fellows


As CTO at Teem I’m responsible for leading the product development of software solutions to the cloud market that help customers simplify Public Cloud. As part of our solutions to improve our customers cloud environments we provide consultancy, training, advocacy and assistance on AWS (Amazon Web Services). I’m really grateful to work for a company that supports me and help our customers to achieve their goals on AWS. Before starting at Teem I had the privilege of working with several high profile AWS partners and customers across USA and APAC including Orion Health, Deloittes, Bulletproof and Spark to name a few.

Ben's Bio

Ben’s skilled in communication, workshop facilitation, cloud operations, software development and entrepreneur-ship. Customers can take confidence knowing they’re working with a person who is both passionate and experienced in not only Amazon Web Services Public Cloud but also has a solid background across a whole range of technology disciplines.

Technical background:

  • Expert in AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Open source, LAMP, NodeJS, Web and Software Development
  • Linux systems administration
  • Microsoft Windows configuration management
  • Database Technology including: MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle
  • Cloud Automation using Ansible, AWS CloudFormation and Code Deployment toolset.
Pat Buckley

Pat Buckley

Project Manager

Before becoming a part of Teem, Pat had a SaaS product in the RE industry, advised a number of startup boards and worked in global acquisitions for Western Union. Pat has a passion for people and ensuring companies can run efficiently as they face the many challenges they have including regulatory, growth and customer acquisition.

Pat's Bio

President – Any Presentations LLC:
2005 – 2013
Started the company in 2005 with a skilled technician and developed, marketed and managed a successful online newsletter and other technical resources for Real Estate Agents from scratch. Overseeing virtually every function, including product development, finance, human resources, marketing and production. We built the company to 1100 Real Estate customers all across the U.S. using our propriety technology. Company had five employees. Sold out to partner in July 2013.

President – Automated Payment Processing, Inc.
1998 – 2005

Joined the company as President and managed and marketed a successful mortgage automated payment system to clients across the U.S. I was the face of the organization and ultimately responsible for its performance, we also developed and marketed one of the first pay-by-phone systems for Electric Coop-Operatives, for their customers to pay their electric bills by phone. Company had seven employees.

Sold out to partners in 2005.

President – PTI Communications
1989 – 1998

Sarah Butler

Head of Product Development

Sarah loves building amazing products that delight our customers. As part of the vision for Teem’s products she sees us as being a leader in simplifying technology. That’s why she is focussed on the User Interface, Usability and Performance aspects of our solutions – to ensure customers succeed in their Public Cloud journeys on AWS and reduce the time it takes to deploy and manage cloud environments.

Sarah's Bio

Sarah has worked for a number of banking and financial institutions as Lead Developer and UI Specialist including Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie and Barclay’s Capital to name a few.

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